Evolve Your Life: Mini-Books For Finding Happiness



Money and Happiness: Why Winning the Lottery Is Not the Answer

Are you happier when you have more money? According to happiness research, no. This mini-book teaches you how to let go of your false beliefs about money and learn research-proven ways to become happier.


Escape the Rat Race: Change Your Mind or Take the Emergency Exit

How can you escape the rat race? Should you change your job? Or can you keep it, while making smaller changes to your daily habits and ways of thinking? This mini-book explores both options, and teaches you when each is appropriate for escaping the rat race.


Your Comfort Zone: Step Outside It, Face Your Fears and Grow

How can you face your fears, take risks, and change your daily routines to grow? This mini-book teaches you how to become knowledgeable about your fears and overcome them by taking small steps outside of your comfort zone.


Modern Moonlighting: Keep Your Day Job, Make Extra Money, Do What You Love

How can you create alternative sources of income while keeping your day job? This mini-book teaches you how to start moonlighting and gain more independence from your job.


Where to Start


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"I loved reading the Evolve Your Life Mini-Books and am already implementing their suggestions in my life. Everything was presented beautifully. Each mini-book kept my attention throughout. The pacing and flow were great."

John Eskew, Library Assistant

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